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Ecoplant thinks different, we want to link the investment in solar energy directly to substantial energy savings through power-saving applications. The investments in the so-called solar plant contains various sustainability subsidies and link energy proceeds to many interesting functionalities such as security, control and lighting. The mobile energy can be deployed both off-and on-grid. Everyone can join, the investment is funded and directly linked to the energy saving!

The concept is implemented with the collaboration of various football organizations, local and regional housing corporations, municipalities and energy suppliers. We ask our sustainable partners to embrace our ambitions and making a huge contribution to energy savings through a revolutionary popularization battle of mobile solar energy in the Netherlands and Europe.

Perfectly directed to the sun

24/7 working plant.  Peak phase.
High efficiency solar power connecting system. 40% Suntracing Efficiency.
5% Encapsulating solar technology.
10% natural temperature control. 3% Easy nano clean solar panel.
And 58% more energy.

Smart solar plant

More effective than traditional photo voltaic panel. Innovative, intelligent and easy. All in one easy operating power system, direct operational. Overheating is solars natural enemy so we use the wind to reduce the temperature. No overheating, no fire.
Warranty & Safety first.


Instant data control with GPS, direct connection to the international Ecoplant datasystem including full NFC operating. Camera system 360˚ area. Bright light emitted diodes during the night, off grid and any where to use. Independent, sustainable and direct accountable.  All you desire.

Richard Rodenburg

Founder & co-engineer

Hans Veenemans

Founder & co-engineer


Solar Boat Twente


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