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The Ecoplant is a highly efficient power generator that efficiently charges energy through monocrystalline solar panels.

The Ecoplant is more and combines many functions such as On-Off grid, energy charging, energy delivery for electric bicycles and cars and offers protection for your personal property.
The Ecoplant is offering safety cameras, street lighting and a charging station in one.

The Ecoplant automatically rotates in line with the sun 24/7, this will ensure that the solar panels use the available solar power most effectually. The Ecoplant is a freestanding device and can be placed anywhere near your house, in the garden, business park or anywhere you want. Just simple; Plug & Play.
Ecoplant is movable and is available in both On- and Off- Grid energy solution (license-friendly).

The Ecoplant is taking advantage of great new patents such as Nano Clean Coating, 4G communication and the latest sun tracing technology. We guarantee a high energy yield.

We strive for you to link the investment in solar energy directly to substantial energy savings and on-site assistance with additional services. The mobile energy can be used anywhere.
That’s what we call mobile energy!

In addition, the Ecoplant is a true eye-catcher and can be provided with your own company logo or corporate identity.

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The IXIA is equipped with 6 m2 of light monocrystalline EFTE solar panels which, depending on the solar power, generate approximately 1200KWh¹ per year. The strong batteries can store to even 1.2KWh of energy as a reserve and can return the power through the Smart Grid Inverter². The IXIA always operates completely CO2 neutral.Read More

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The PHLOX can provide power for a four-person household for a year, but is also suitable for charging your electric car or secure and lighting your (business) terrain. With the 18 m2 light monocrystalline EFTE solar panels you can generate up to 4000KWh¹ electricity per year (depending on the sun power). The strong batteries can store up to 2.4KWh of energy as a reserve and can return power through the Smart Grid Inverter². The PHLOX always operates completely CO2 neutral.Read More



1 point: Sustainable invention.
10 points: Idea realization.
100 points: Good business plan.
1000 points: Convince and Sell the sustainable invention!

Our team of enthusiastic and motivated people with passion for sustainable solutions using their extensive experience in the field of R&D, design, international sales, technical support and financing. We do have the knowledge and expertise to advise you optimally. The initiators of Ecoplant have throughout their professional careers been involved in the design and development of electronic innovation.

According to the principle of 1111, the emphasis of Ecoplant is on a fully integrated innovation process where invention, implementation and sales distribution reinforce each. It is necessary that the sale of the innovation comes first.

Our Ecoplant team is therefore determined to plant many Ecoplants and have already successfully sold out the test production. With our extensive practical experience, our team can make use of a highly efficient knowledge network where the realization and sale of quality products are paramount.

Linking electronical functions is an important change for sustainability. With better technical and new solutions, this is not only cheaper but is also less service sensitive. As a result,

Ecoplant offers more value and comfort for your money. It’s the team’s perspective to combine new available technology with an On-Off-Grid energy solution.
New battery technology, nanotechnology and a lighter but strong fiber construction of solar panels is an important condition for this.

Our specialists are now working on a 5G connection so that even images and sound will lead to even more applications of the Ecoplant.

Hans Veenemans – Founder en Co- Engineer

Ready to create a better world
and save our planet

Hans Veenemans – Founder en Co- Engineer

Adrian Chou

Ecoplant a perfect sustainable and green solution for a greater,
smarter and saver city

Adrian Chou

Ecoplant Zero Carbon
March 4, 2020 Ecoplant

Partnership Zero Carbon Park and Ecoplant official for sustainable cooperation

Partnership Zero Carbon Park and Ecoplant official for sustainable cooperation.
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Bezoek ons op de Intersolar in Munchen. 17-19 juni 2020

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