Workshop at Duurzaam Gebouwd Congres in Assen, the Netherlands

The Ecoplant workshop had the subject:

A group of about 50 interested parties heard Hans Veenemans speak about how to have less dependence on the energy network. Apart from the Grid; how do you? “Clean energy is not ugly” Ecoplant is born!

For government and companies very suitable to promote responsibility for caring for our planet. For homeowners a simple alternative and outcome for those who do not want or can place solar roof panels for insurance reasons but also for sun location or aesthetic reasons.

What energy innovation does Ecoplant offer? Why is the Ecoplant more efficient and safer than a traditional PV installation? What are the benefits and how does an Ecoplant work? What’s the price advantage?

During the session it turned out that the attendees were very interested in all secondary functions for the Ecoplant solar such as mobile energy, commitment to protection, security and lighting wherever you wish.

The Duurzaam Gebouw Congres ( is a household name in the market. The congress has been organized for a decade by Sustainable Construction, each year in cooperation with one of the Dutch provinces. Previously, congresses were organised with the Province of Fryslân (2019), North Holland (2018), Groningen (2015), Utrecht (2013) and North Brabant (2010).

Participants at decision-making level share knowledge with each other, create new business cases and form long-term collaborations. With the aim  of inspiring and to go with the energy neutral and circular ambitions of provinces. Participants in the 11th edition can count on making valuable connections, to take the next step in the (regional) sustainability.