The sun-tracking system makes the Ecoplant a fine example of innovation and advanced technology!

Where is the sun? When you look up you will probably see it. And even when it’s cloudy, it’s still traceable; You might not have thought that! That is why Ecoplant has opted for sun tracking by means of sun intensity. The Ecoplant starts on the east and turns to the west. This way you have the best energy yield throughout the day. Watch the timelaps video of the IXIA!

Our product

The Ecoplant solar blades rotate freestanding 24/7 automatically with the sun. This latest technology in the Solar field is therefore optimally sun-oriented and extremely efficient. This energy plant detects the rising sun and then turns in the sun direction, so that it can absorb as much energy as possible; up to 40% more than traditional PV panels! The Ecoplant does this detection by measuring the sun’s intensity, it senses where the intensity is highest in the air. This is a patented technology that makes the Ecoplant so innovatively progressive.