Ecoplant sun tracing solar factory: PHLOX

Phlox (the; v (m); plural: Phlox)

1. An upright garden plant consisting of panicle-shaped flowers
The botanical name comes from the Greek and means flame

We proudly present you another model from the Ecoplant product line; the Ecoplant Phlox.
Take a quick look at the images and explanation by Hans Veenemans in the attached movie.

With the hybrid Ecoplant you operate completely self-sufficient! Our hybrid models can not only supply to and from the network, but also store enough energy to be able to organize your energy consumption and consumption in the most optimal way.

Who wouldn’t want that?

The Ecoplant now offers an extra storage of up to 50kWh! The increased capacity is more than enough to supply your own electric fleet with electricity (destination charging). The Ecoplant harvests maximum solar energy, supplies you with energy during the day and / or stores it in the strong batteries -> excess energy can then be returned to the network. If there are less sunny periods, current can be charged in the valley and you always have optimal access to energy. This is efficiently organized even if the netting options are limited or if variable energy prices are involved.